#Wwreadathon update and #dewey starting line

The English Girl - Daniel Silva

Stayed up too late last night finishing Cinder. Review just posted.


While I wanted to spend all day on the couch with a book, for the true readathon experience, the weather was cool and sunny.  So I spent an enjoyable morning and afternoon touring the tall ships at the Old City Seaport Festival with my family.  http://www.phillyseaport.org/seaportfestival


As someone saddled by too many responsibilities for the rest of the day and tomorrow, my goal for #Dewey is very modest.  I want to spend at least 6 hours reading between now and the end.  Time spent online extra.  


So off I go.  Next up is Daniel Silva's latest.  He visited my community just before the book was released and was quite gracious during the signing session.  We'll see how it goes.  I had the audiobook version out a few weeks ago and it wasn't grabbing me as previous installments of the Gabriel Allon had.  I had to return it before finishing.  We will see if the pacing is better in print.