Review - Lego: A Love Story

LEGO: A Love Story - Jonathan Bender

Lego: A Love Story is journalist Jonathan Bender’s account of the year he spent rekindling his childhood love of LEGO and exploring the world of Adult Fans of Lego (AFOL).  Full of vignettes from several LEGO conventions and public displays, the book also touches on his personal struggles as he and his wife try to start a family.


I am having a hard time articulating my tepid response to this book.  On the good side, the book moves along. I did finish it, and I skid out of at least half the non-fiction I start.  But at the same time, I don’t think I would have been interested if my older son at 11 wasn’t still in the height of his childhood love of LEGO (We just got a hand-me-down 1st generation LEGO Mindstorm set and he is in heaven, even though it came without motors and we’re still not 100% sure that it is functional – If you have kids who are moving on from LEGO – please remember to remove the batteries for storage!!).


Nathan Sawaya’s LEGO creation on the cover is spectacular as were the color photos in the middle.  It’s a shame that the photos at the beginning of each chapter couldn’t be in color as well.