Belated Review: The Shut-Down Learner

The Shut-Down Learner: Helping Your Academically Discouraged Child - Richard Selznick

Written by a local practitioner who runs a successful reading clinic.  While the anecdotes shared were informative, and the insights about the relationship between undiagnosed learning disabilities and shutdown learners are useful, the argument is weakened by over-generalization and too many absolutes in non-reciprocal situations.  For example, while many of the “shut-down” learners with reading difficulties he described are highly visual “Lego kids” it does NOT follow that many or even most highly spatial “Lego kids” will have the sort of reading weaknesses that he describes.  Similarly, there are many other socioeconomic factors that might yield a “shut-down” learner with similar affect in the classroom in addition to the specific learning disabilities described here.  On a quick read, the book is more useful as an example of a specific practitioner’s insight than as a guide to how can I best help my child.


Finished in mid-December, but didn't have time to review until now