Review: Miracle in the Making

Miracle in the Making: The Adam Taliaferro Story - Scott T. Brown, Sam Carchidi, Joe Paterno, Sue Paterno

Half a generic sport biography, half a stereotyped personal disaster recovery narrative.  Appears to have been written shortly after Adam’s initial recovery from his potentially life threatening broken neck and updated several years later after he successfully passed the bar to become a lawyer.  The book was a quick read that I finished in an evening.  I found the book a bit circular and hard to follow (as with many of these books, it opened with the injury and then circled around the narrative of recovery with frequent flashbacks to cover his youth, family and other topics).  Nevertheless, my 6th grade son has been caught by the story, perhaps because the Taliaferro family lives in a nearby community, and has read it at least 6 times since we brought it home as part of a batch of potential biographies for a school assignment.