Review: A Wisp of a Thing

Wisp of a Thing: A Novel of the Tufa - Alex Bledsoe

The first book in this series, The Hum and the Shiver, featured Tufa Bronwyn Hyatt, who is a strong woman and a compelling character.  The book itself was a series of vignettes with a pacing that didn’t quite hold together for me.  The main character of a Wisp of a Thing, outsider Rob Quillen, is not quite as compelling as Bronwyn, but overall, I found this second installment in the story of the Tufa a more harmonious and traditionally paced story.


Rather than the current rash of urban fantasy featuring werewolves, witches and vampires (oh my!), Mr. Bledsoe appears to be drawing his inspiration for his series about the Tufa from an older stream of Appalachian supernatural fiction.  Similar to the stories of John the Balladeer (sometimes known as Silver John) by Manly Wade Wellman, the woods are full of mysterious beings, haints are real, horrors are real, and music played right trumps them all. This second installment in the world of the Tufa was a satisfying read, though the ending makes me wonder if Alex Bledsoe will stop with a duology or try to