Book Reaction: Hattie Big Sky

Hattie Big Sky - Kirby Larson

"MOM, I have nothing to read!" whined my elder son as he was packing his bag for school on Wednesday.

"Have you looked at this book?" I asked.

"I don't want that one" pouted my 6th grader.

"What about this one?"


"Well,  I guess I could let you take Hattie Big Sky...It was recommended by the Nerdy Book Club and it's the next on my reading list, since it runs out of renewals at the Library pretty soon.  Remember how much you liked the Little House on the Prairie books?  This book is set more recently, but it's the same idea of settling the West.  We don't have time for you to take a look at it now, but why don't you take it and let me know at the end of the day what you think."


Later that day:

"What did you think of Hattie Big Sky," I asked

"I finished it!"  He said.

"WoW!  That was pretty quick.  Did you like it?"

"Pretty much, though I didn't like the sad part someone young died from the flu"


We then spent the next few days with him re-reading and me borrowing the book after he went to sleep to read it.  And he was right, it was very nice, though the part where someone young died was sad.


Hattie Ever After is already on reserve. 

I wonder what he will read next.