Scarlet and Scarlet

Scarlet - Marissa Meyer Scarlet - A.C. Gaughen

Sometime you have a clever idea, but it doesn't work out.  There are two books with the same title that have been appearing on the blogs I read:  Scarlet, by Marissa Meyer, the second in the Lunar Chronicles series, and Scarlet, by A.C. Gaughen.  I read them back to back, and was planning to write a detailed compare and contrast dual review.  But life got in the way and now it's more than a month since I finished them both, and a short items will have to suffice.


Scarlet, the sequel to Cinder, is a more polished book, and a satisfying read.  However, taking place after the end of the Cinderella story that formed the backdrop of the first volume in the series, it was missing something.  I hope it's just MOTs and that the conclusion of trilogy finds the missing spark


Scarlet, the one by first time author A. C. Gaughen, riffs off the Robin Hood legend.  While it has charming moments, the writing lacks some polish and there are some rough spots that a more experienced author might have been better able to finesse. I would not recommend it to younger readers due to the protagonist's eating disorder.  While I preferred the first Cinder, the second is also worth considering.