Review: Blood Oranges

Blood Oranges - Kathleen Tierney, CaitlĂ­n R. Kiernan

There's been a tradition in urban fantasy, starting back with Vicki Nelson becoming a vampire if not before, of a protagonist who started out human becoming something supernatural.  Blood Oranges goes over the top when our heroine (or at least viewpoint character, because Siobhan Quinn is NOT particularly heroic) become not just a werewolf but also a vampire.  Blood Oranges is in many ways a parody of the stereotypes and well worn tropes of Urban Fantasy. I loved the snide digs and references to other popular Urban Fantasy series. Blood Oranges is not good literature, but it is an enjoyable piece of mind candy.

While the book comes with a disclaimer, and I can appreciate a bit of swearing for color, I did find the extensive use of profanity detracted from my enjoyment.