Finished: City Farmer

City Farmer: Adventures in Urban Food Growing - Lorraine Johnson

City Farmer, is a broad survey of the many organizations and locations involved in promoting food production in Urban spaces.  The subtitle of the book is Adventures in Urban Food Growing, but the book was trying to cover so many things that there were few adventures presented in a way that really personalized the people involved.


It almost felt like Lorraine Johnson was trying to straddle the differences between popular and scholarly non-fiction.  However, despite the bibliography and selected websites at the back, and a few embedded references to other books, there was not enough hard data presented with proper source attributions to be a scholarly monograph on the resurgence of Urban Farming. 


I felt that the book would have been strengthened by following specific people or places, other than just herself, for longer periods of time to truly personalize the story.  While I am glad that I took the time to read Urban Farmer, and am planning to add much of the bibliography to Mount Readmore (my name for the untamed wilds of my TBR lists), City Farmer struggled to hold my attention.