Finished: Day After Night

Day After Night: A Novel - Anita Diamant

Day After Night follows 4 young women who have survived the Holocaust, and attempted to immigrate to Palestine only to find themselves imprisoned by the the British as illegals.  While my family was all in the US before 1933, the synagogue I was raised in was full of Survivors.  Having heard some of their stories first-hand, and as a young child, I typically find Shoah related fiction unbearably intense. While the events in Europe formed the backdrop to Day After Night, the horrors were far enough removed from the forefront of the story that I was able to listen to, and even enjoy parts of the story.  

Day after Night was neither as slow as The Last Days of Dogtown, nor as intriguing as The Red Tent.  But unless you either make a habit of searching out Holocaust-related literature, historical novels about the founding of Israel, or have enjoyed other works by Ms. Diamant, Day After Night might not be for you.

I listened to Day after Night as an audiobook.  I liked the pacing of the narration.  One of my pet peeves is narrators who mispronounce words, particularly foreign words, I applaud Dagmara Dominsczy for her excellent accent (though I wonder why she was directed to say Rosh HaShanah as rash-a-shana - closer to the Yiddish pronunciation, when almost everything else was given an Israeli Hebrew pronunciation)