Finished: Airborn

Airborn - Kenneth Oppel

Here's another book that doesn't quite fit genres.   Airborn is set in a world where the major form of long-distance air travel is drigibles and hot air balloons.  The airship lift is provided by an made-up substance called hydrium and there is a sub-plot about finding a previously-undiscovered-by-civilization flying mammal.  But other than that, Airborn is pretty much just a cabin-boy saves the day against pirates, shipwreck and other hardships story that could have been set on a conventional sailing ship or other long-distance conveyance.  Airborn wouldn't have been written without the growing popularity of the "Steampunk" sub-genre, but it doesn't really have the full Steampunk feel.


Airborne was shelved as YA by my library, but is suitable to be given to interested middle-grade readers.