2014 Audiobook SYNC Week 1

The Reluctant Assassin (W.A.R.P.) - Eoin Colfer The Time Machine - Greg Bear, H.G. Wells

I finished listening to WARP: The Reluctant Assassin by Eoin Colfer a few days ago.  The premise of the book is that people were sent back in time from "now' as part of FBI’s Witness Anonymous Relocation Program aka WARP. The book enjoyably follows Riley, from Victorian London, and Chevie (short for Chevron), from "now" during a romp back and forth through time as they evade illusionist/assassin/devil spawn Albert Garrick.  While The Reluctant Assassin is shelved YA, the action-oriented pacing may be more appropriate to the younger end of the YA demographic & middle-grade readers.  The 4-star rating on this review is for The Reluctant Assassin.


The premise of Audiobook SYNC is to pair recent works of YA fiction with related classics.  The Time Machine by HG Wells is an obvious choice.  While not a big fan of the Victorian love for extensive description (how many people from which social classes were there to listen to the Time Traveler and why should I care?) I listened until partway through the first account of the "future." Partway through the exposition on the post-apocalyptic world (all the emphasis on decaying buildings) and the asexual vegetarian people (who I couldn't figure out if he was truly lauding or denigrating despite the surface praise language) I skidded out and decided that my listening hours were better spent elsewhere.  I am not giving a rating to the Time Machine as I fear the fault is in the listener, in the changing conventions of literature over time, and not in the source.