Finished: This Song Will Save Your Life

This Song Will Save Your Life - Leila Sales

 I'd seen several glowing reviews recommending This Song Will Save Your Life when it first came out, most notably those from The Book Geek and A Reader of Fictions.   While This Song Will Save Your Life had moments of interest, I found the story just a little bit flat.  I loved the characterization of the main character's Dad, the bassist from a "One Hit Wonder" band, but the idea of Elise precociously learning to DJ brilliantly isn't quite believable.  While Leila was consciously playing with the stereotypes of High School, there are moment that are just, too sterotypical.


This Song Will Save Your Life is the 2nd book that I've read in the last few months to feature contemporary music and to include a playlist (The first was The Scar Boys).

I understand that the publisher has put the playlist on Spotify, but I wasn't about to take the time to register just so that I can listen to it.