2014 Audiobook SYNC: The Hidden Room

The Hiding Place - Corrie ten Boom, John Sherrill, Elizabeth Sherrill

Corrie Ten Boom’s personal account of her activities as part of the Dutch Underground followed by her days as a political prisoner at the Ravensbruck concentration camps was both difficult to listen to and oddly compelling. I listened to The Hidden Room as Audiobook Sync paired it with Code Name Verity.


As a Jewish adult of a certain age, I grew up being exhorted to “Remember the 6-Million!” I’ve heard plenty of personal accounts witnessing to the horrors of the Holocaust from the Jewish perspective, including a number in person (The synagogue I belonged to as a child had a large population of Survivors – including many of the religious school faculty and the Cantor, whose jacket was featured on the first edition of Facing History and Yourself). It was almost a footnote in my childhood indoctrination, but 5-million non-Jewish civilians, including political prisoners such as Corrie’s sister Betsy also perished at the hands of the Nazis and their collaborators. It is as important to remember them and to hear their stories as it is to recount all that the Jews lost under the rule of Adolph Hitler.


So many came through those terrible days with their faith shattered. In contrast, it was heart-warming to hear a story of a woman whose faith led her to shelter and save those she could, sustained her through the tribulations of imprisonment, and then gave her a calling after the war helping victims and perpetrators heal.