Review: Seraphina

Seraphina - Rachel Hartman

When I first started reading book blogs, several (Including The Midnight Garden, Reader of Fictions and BookShelvers Anonymous [Now: Shae Has Left the Room]) were all exclaiming over a book titled Seraphina by Rachel Hartman  So I put it on my TBR list. But the TBR list grew faster than I could keep up, and there it sat, and incubated for over a year.


On the surface, Seraphina is yet another straightforward fantasy about a girl with a secret coming of age, a girl who appears without power being sucked into the intrigues of the ruling class.  But what a secret! And what a world with the tension between humans and several types of Dragons, political intrigue and more.    


I love books where music is an integral part of the story. Seraphina is a musician by trade, and the times and ways of making music weave through the book. The author, Rachel Hartman, is not just a writer and illustrator, but a musician. It appears that she sings in a madrigal choir among other musical pursuits. Rachel’s knowledge of and use of musician stereotypes – including a wonderfully irascible music master - add a wonderful counterpoint to the main themes of Seraphina’s story.


Ms. Hartman recently revealed that the 2nd half of Seraphina’s story is scheduled to be published in March 2015. So if you haven’t read Seraphina yet, I recommend you make a date for February, just before the sequel is due.  I know that I am going to eagerly look for the advanced reviews and plan to read Shadow Scale as soon as it hits my local library