Review: Skywalkers: Mohawk Ironworkers Build the City

Skywalkers: Mohawk Ironworkers Build the City - David Weitzman

Down-to-earth book about the history of the Mohawk ironworkers. The book summarizes the development of wrought iron bridges, steel framed skyscrapers, and the role of Native American men in their construction. Full of vintage photographs, the text is almost as dense as a college-level textbook (which is reflected in the Lexile rating of 1150L).

I understand the author's motivation to call the Five Nations member tribes by the names they give themselves rather than the more commonly recognized anglicized names through much of the book. However it made the story harder to follow by constantly having to refer back to the introduction to confirm that Kaenien'kehaka are indeed the people popularly termed the Mohawk and the Onondowaga are the tribe commonly called the Seneca not the Onondaga.