What order do you read in?

I’m curious, when you read (or re-read) a series do you prefer to read them in the order that they were published, or the order that they occur chronologically within the series? The question is probably a moot point for many of you, since folks out in the blogoverse appear to predominantly be reading and reviewing new releases.

I’m typically a read in the order published gal. Even when the book is earlier in the series chronology, later written books tend to have spoilers because the author assumes that you have already read the previously published volumes, or because they feel they have to explicitly show the tie-in to the other books. I also typically find it jarring to go from the prequel written with a writer’s mature voice back to the chronologically later books by the fledgling author (Mercedes Lackey and Katherine Kurtz are two good examples of this).

The reason for this musing will be clear when I post my next review of the books I read on vacation.  Unfortunately I return to work tomorrow, so it probably won’t be for a few days.