PodCastle: Enginesong (A Rondeau)

There's too much too read out there, and I've gotten out of the habit of reading short stories.  But I think I need to change that, because, WOW! PodCastle has done it again.  The ending of PodCastle 312: Enginesong (A Rondeau) by Nathaniel Lee really packs a whallop.  


On first hearing, I didn't quite catch why the author chose to call the story a Rondeau.  I couldn't quite catch the refrain, unless it was the repeated mentions of his sister or his father.  I'll have to go back and listen again.


The folks who produced PodCastle mentioned that they have recorded several other stories by Nathaniel Lee, and I intend to go looking.  My main critique is that the narrator seemed rushed and a bit flat, and it would perhaps have been better to slow down a hair to allow more time to consider the rhythm of the words and the flow of the story.